the real show 2021/2022.

’where should i go?’ alice. ’that depends on where you want to end up.’ the cheshire cat.

salut & voilá. here it is – my new showreel aka. the real show containing a selection of works from 2021 to 2022. years & months & hours & minutes & seconds & inbetween in between time & tides passed by. it is an antagonistic ampersand situation through the looking glass. the last years felt like 1 minute before teatime all the time. ‘the hurrier i go the behinder i get.’ every realshow dresses up in a specific subject of matter. the 2021|2022 edition disguised as an homage to the phantastic mindset of sir charles lutwidge dodgson aka. lewis carroll. no i am not alice even if i tried to hunt this ghost of a time & got lost releasing daisies, chasing white rabbits, which at the same time coursed me & dissolved like the chesire cat, leaving scarfs molding with the healed ones revealing checked, lined & dotted patterns. a life collaged & camouflaged in all of this life & appears daily like a mad hatter full of surprise. harsh & gentle, cold showeresque & warm bouqueté, so the figure of life, it carries it all the whole palette of hats & masks & mindsets to wear & an ocean of emotions & i guess it is not time to cry over a self revined garden. my studioship is on course even if the compass is trembeling – sailing in an era i maybe never will understand. for the upcoming tides i prefer to be armed with my ’darling’ & umbrella, i can vanish and show up whenever i feel like. ’darling’ has vestiges of time as well, but i don’t mind – we all have. for this not hip nor en vogue niche i work – i need the entire stillage of emotions, mind ghost, soul, body. it is also work to take care of one self, and not trying to be exmachina. so if you prefer ai i am not even sorry, i am more up to emotional intelligence.

i still believe in humankind, but i am not believing in a humankind which gets the tool of the digital age. what ‚stays is my love for the inbetween, the details, for the artefacts & patina of past times, for romantic, nature, woods, the niches, the flowers, the shadows, the drama, sailing ships, water & all elements, the hidden gardens & rabbit holes, the sea & all creatures & animals which are more wise thant we the not kind humankind will ever be. blindaged & pretty excellent in destroying our souls in sell outs, hunting for the thrill which will never be able to fill the gaps & heal scarfs. i stopped judging myself for being a dreamer & fighter for the things i believe in, far away from pure rational & economic & concepts. so this realshow is a funeral, i prepared a beautiful box for all the things i am not gonna go through again. gonna burry it in my garden & i am sure some beautiful flowers will reveal & in late falls i will prime the vase and behold what was shadow as something very light. even if i am revolving around my own cosmos & niche. in times where i can not stand myself – i am thankful for the ones who remained beyond screens. my family, e. who was there when nobody was – you are the bluebird i opened the cage – i hope we will find our anchors one day, mosch for the beats, solid wisdom & conversations & being such a insightful mind. a hug to marko for mastering. fabian for filming the outdoor scenes, felix for the vintage lenses. still & always manuela krause, petz, ali, stefanie, soia, b. my rabbitravenbear – a shy fox will always seesaw your light signals. a bouquet of quirky flowers to the duzzdownsan family, nitrocorpz™ sound:frame, improper walls. even if some of you are faded out in my current timeframe – i am thankful for everything so far. in flowers i trust™.

‘imagination is the only weapon in the war with reality.’ 
in memoriam charles lutwidge dodgson aka lewis carroll.

the real show 2021/2022.
camera outdoor | fabian wallnöfer
camera indoor | nita.
beats | ’camawuro’, ’citrus’ & ’island’ by mosch
mastering | marko sulz
concept & edit | nita.
shot in vienna | the house i live in | lovely wagner pavillions in 3th district.
feel free to watch: the real show 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019 | 2020

category illustration & collage.

collage series released in 2021.
no real sovereign in this surreal realm of ours.
some works still available through my webshop.

client grüss gott magazine diözese linz.
the seven mortal sins, the god formula, article collages.
head of creative | markus kietreiber
chief editor | raffael fritz
art direction | silvia druml-shams
article | grüss gott editorial department
artwork | nita.

terra mater magazine.
myths of creation.
artworks lead pages & follow up pages.
head of creative | markus kietreiber
art direction | isabel neudhardt-haitzinger
head of photography | isabel russ
article | thomas vašek
a collection of imagery provided & licensed by terra mater.

category design & artworks.

client grüss gott magazine diözese linz.
water up, resurrection, inferno article collages.
head of creative | markus kietreiber
chief editor | raffael fritz
art direction | dominik uhl (until spring 2022)
art direction | silvia druml-shams (starting fall 2022)
article | grüss gott editorial department
artwork | nita.

client zuckerlwerkstatt.
walzenzuckerl packaging miniature & valentines day.
corporate design | dvorak trifft schwab
artwork & layout | nita.

client flotte lotte gmbh.
redesign keysujet & logo & labels 2021.
corporate design | nita.
artwork | nita.

client habit.
health angels t-shirt artwork.
corporate design | habit
artwork | nita.

client haus der barmherzigkeit.
hdb t-shirt artwork.
corporate design | hdb
artwork | nita.

client art of cart 2021.
corporate design |
artwork | nita.

client electronic:partner.
keyvisuals ep:campus educational program.
corporate design | electronic:partner
artworks | nita.

client benevento publishing.
paul lendvai | vielgeprüftes österreich.
photography | (c) florian rainer
corporate design | (c) ecowing
cover design | nita.

client | orf & vienna philharmonics.
150 years expo vienna a coproduction by orf & vienna philharmonics.
produced & commissioned by | filmwerkstatt
lead agency & concept | filmwerkstatt
book & direction | barbara weissenbeck, nicholas pöschl
3d renderings pavillions | andreas kreimaier
styleboard drafts & yearbook layout | nita.
original imagery provided by | wien museum
typography amongst others | berolina by peter wiegel

soia where magnolia grows remixes.
cover artwork.
label | beat art department
photography | ina aydogan
cover design | nita.

category animation & musicvideo.

aishae togetherness.
dancers | felix schnabel, johann ebert, sayed labib
concept | aishae, nita.
camera | fabian wallnöfer
edit | nita.
makeup artist | anna winkelmeier
headpiece & jumpsuit | manufaktur herzblut
produced & directed by nita.
thanks to a&b filmstudio
special thanks to land burgenland.

client educult & ak wien.
’work::sounds – klangbilder der arbeitswelt’ visual remixes.
commissioned by educult
lead, concept & realisation | educult
sound design & auditive lead | ines kolleritsch.
base footage | htl & hak ungargasse | pms fms wien | g11 geringergasse | htl wien 10 | htl wien west
visuals & design | nita.

client ivs wien.
tagesstruktour opener & separator animations 2021 & 2022.
comissioned by tmrelations
artworks & animation | nita.

i hope everyone is on the list, if not please let me know.
in collaborations i trust.