terra mater leonardo da vinci.

for the 05/18 issue of wonderful terra mater magazine i was asked to work on a collage artwork for leonardo da vinci – an inspiring genius beyond beliefs. i was provided with leonardos works, concepts & sketches and arranged them to a visual homage for the cover and a more detailed version for the lead pages of the dossier. i’m still more than spellbound by his mastermind. a huge merci to terra mater for this beautiful project. ♥︎

the collage contains
self portrait, de divina proportione, golden ratio, polygonal objects, the vitruvian man, mona lisa, the last supper, anatomic sketches, nature studies of horse, deer, human embryo & head. construction sketches of flying objects, bicycle, travel wheel, diving suit, snorkel, harpoon tank, architectural sketches, etc.

terra mater creative direction
head of creative | markus kietreiber
art direction | isabel neudhard-haitzinger