murine & corvus.

murine & corvus. no real sovereign in this surreal realm of ours. voilá this is the second collage series of 2021. i used my souls alchemy to metamorphose some experiences the past months had to offer. and living in a city, flora & fauna is more distant than it was as a child growing up in the middle of nature. i am glad that in essential moments i still meet animals, and of course i only read the messages which are meant for me. and this repetitive encounters with murines & corvus got really strong, like the soul of every human is stucking in an animal. sometimes there are things i don’t remember because my mind erased them to protect me. my boon & bane is capturing each fragment of every moment. i remember the settings and details of rooms, the position & expressions of people, patterns, patina of walls, furniture, the scratches, the broken objects, the sound, the smell, the light, and every single line which was spoken. but sometimes if words hit me hard, things are getting vague and blurry. while working on the collages, i am somewhere inbetween – and when i finish – i have the feeling i have some new insights on the enigmatic figure i am myself. i find answers in details. so instead of getting bitter over deprivations i decided to close the chapter with this series. it is like always based on a short text you find below. i filled this bowl with love and tears and i am aware that everyone has his own truth about how things ended. merci to my fairylike guides who went with me through all of this. i know now better who is facade and who is essence. in flowers i trust.™  ♥︎

about murine & corvus.

no real sovereign in this surreal realm of ours.

*arcane arcades beneath reality on the other side of a vitreous yet reflecting wall this entropic bond is infinite, even if us ended somewhere in-between a fatigued suprematism of our fears & hopes. contigued & against we damped down the last spark until every corvus & murine lost skin & plumes. my heavy coat is fragile, and in this obscure velvet velum i carry a sea of my ancestors vulnerable souls. your light tongue is toxic, tainted with bitterness and the genius insanity of a feathery subtle boy who drowns in the desiccation of its grown up emotions. and if there is unloveable i am able and you are love fused to stone. in the silence & hush of now i scratch of your words & burry them in this sublime subliminal room of memento. outspoken you rose to speak this thruthless camouflage of feelings, awake i stole your thornily throne and your army of emmets and now i am obsessed by the demons of your spell. in my minds alchemy i trust and i pledged the souls within i will fix the feathers of agape & stitch the fur of ludus and carry it in my minuscule hearts pocket until i am able to set them free in the sheen of night. i guard this key of my detained truth and with a trail of tears i grow a garden of night shaded flowers nurtured by golden age dreams when murine & corvus draw near. there is no real sovereign in this surreal realm of ours.

all works are digital collages, available as fineartprints on vat paper (hahnemühle) in antique or vintage frames each sujet. this time i decided to go with an edition of 3.  the works are available via my webshop. if you prefer direct contact or if you have questions  write me a message.