grüss gott magazine soul.

*for the grüss gott magazine spring 2023 of archdiocese linz i created a collage illustration focusing on the subject soul. i loved diving deep into this subject, digging for answers, where there might be no only truth, more a diversity of hunches. the soul a mystery for itself. i tried to illuminate several possiblities what this soul can be and where it can be found inside or outside a human body. maybe it’s trapped a lifetime like a bird in a cage unless death sets it free. anyway it is out of my mind – therefore the collage is more an intuitive resolving, in the article itself a thelogian, a psychotherapist & a medic are giving an insight concerning the riddle. for the final artwork i went with a central composition in movement. showcasing an inbetween birth & dead skeleton, plenty anatomic, botanical & organic addons from Ɐ to Ω. in my ⚫︎ of view there is soul within animals, stones, trees, flowers, objects, that is why they can appeal ones soul, or keep others in distance. for humanmade objects, i guess it is the part of the soul given into the object. vague guesses, but one thing is certain – i am grateful for this indeed kind kind of soulpleasing tasks. again mil merci to silvia druml-shams, matti wulfes, raffael fritz & the whole team for a wonderful project. ‘in anima i trust™.’ ♥︎

head of creative | markus kietreiber
chief editor | raffael fritz
art direction | silvia druml-shams
photo editor | matti wulfes
article | grüss gott editorial department
collage artwork | nita.