*blindage is the french word for a wall, a shield or an envelope, which protects what’s inside.

inbetween disclosure and disguise. how can you hide your face without loosing it – how can you divulge it without getting the human glass. blindage. is the trial & poetic defense of freedom of the natural human in a world of monitoring & data superabundance. a facade as itself is a mask. the project invited the audiency among surfaces.

for more infos i invite you to watch the insight (making of & documentation)

passed screenings & performance
4th of april 2015 | connecting cities | ars electronica center linz
9th of april 2015 | sound:frame opening | mak vienna
8th – 10th of may 2015 | modepalast | sound:frame exhibition | künstlerhaus vienna
4th of september 2015 | ars electronica festival | ars electronica center linz

this project is supported by connecting cities network and is in partnership with “the ars electronica residency network”.
merci beaucoup to monsieur simp & anyone who joined, supported & guided me during this project.