1773 x joe tyse the luvbug ep vol.2.

*voilá. the luvbug vol.2. is out now. 11 years after the luvbug vol.1 / 1773 x trishes has been released on duzzdownsan as vinyl – over a decade later – i had the joy to work on the cover for the vol.2 / 1773 x joe tyse. i tweaked the original artwork & collaged a kind of a heart shaped luvbug universe. the analogue remains blissfully in fragments – even if the 2023 ep is a digital only release. happy that it found its way in apple music news. 1773 is a chicago based duo consisting of wisdm uno & jax nagoma. merci beaucoup for your trust.

‘in luvbugs i trust.’™ ♥︎

‘1773 returns with a uniquely special album, the luvbug vol.2. the nuances and complexities of romantic encounters and relationships are explored on every song of this ten track album. with well thought out intentions, the group exclusively features female artists throughout the album. from guest emcees like silvandgold and nejma nefertiti, and australia‘s own dj d. all features are all ladies…’


you can find more infos about the release here.
published in chicago 28th of july 2023.
(c) 1773 & joe tyse. all rights reserved.