clairӗ & cawou.

clairӗ & cawou. oh my dear broken kid follow the light habit. voilá this is the 2023 collage series released during an solo exhibition 19th – 21st of october at verein fortuna, an culture & art collective & off space based in 7th district vienna. for my series i start defining my subject by writing the text. 2023 was an thoughtful year again, and as everything got more complex the series contains 23 figures and one miniature organic collage addon, which is until now my most extensive series. seemed like finding the point inbetween shadow and lights was a thing where i got lost in. i am in constant assembly of fragments – in love with old things, things which are sorted out & declared to death. my aim is to revive what has gone and release works – to release myself. i am still fighting the ghosts of this decade. my aim is to trink tea with my fears more often. i don’t want them to swallow me, i don’t want to run. i do things because i mean them by heart – it is a trial to collage all the mind chaos until there is a calm sea of sense – a reason to be here. maybe its stubborn if you continue doing the stuff you love in the shadows of a box in the basement or out of the closet. but if i do not how should i even or odd know.

in flowers i trust.™  ♥︎

about clairӗ & cawou.

oh my dear broken kid follow the light habit.

in a deadly silent room alive, with no one else but many present, framed in traps, trapped in frames. clairӗ wrote, beneath a blanket, armed within a heavy coat, trembeling in fragile feathers. frozen letters fell out of her hand. sticky itching notes to herself. hold the empty broken flower vase, hold the dead soul of a bird you can not uncage yet. hold everything what remains & release it in the second, hidden in the minute, trapped in the hour of lowdowns. knit the grave in predawns of scattered nights. you are not the lonesome soul you are the many ghosts chaising you. love is a hunter armed with pain. go astray in antagonistic agonie with your selves bounded to an unfirm chair with no other standing by your side. all of them who appeared in reflections of your sardornic pourred blood, left you back with scars, the pitted ones, the divined ancestors, the disguised masqueraders. you can not see, blinded by imagination & cordury escapes. hold the half burned candle, keep your box of matches. for days arrising as nights, and nights reaching out with claws like mares choking your light out. clairӗ woke up. shimmering bugs and tiny insects lounged around her bed whispering about caшou lost in camouflaged craveyards of maybe and may bees ferventness. fire is dying down in the alchemy of truth. the past love a shattered filament lamp. where is this light, if you cocoon constructs of a mind in the obscure shadow set. wool-gathering. you are the soft naive rabbit, and the deathly nocturnal bird. where are your shadows in the velvet absence of light. where is emotion, if captured within a vacuum of nothingness. in silence you scream, but they can not observe. minuscule stapes in ears for truth are cutted off decades ago. doomed cavaliers repeat perambulating in illusory worlds. who are these enigmatic figures passing by in hollow mirrors of nothingness. who are they if you miss the opposite hand. clairӗ lost the one twine of her self. beholding the empty frame trapped in the niches, enmeshed in odds. sheltered inbetween on guard and en garde. the lady who feels has fallen. checkmate repeating patterns. cawou will not return hiding from love. protect your kid in the room with invisible doors, solace it falling spinned in golden spirals of failure. you can not conquer yourself, you can not cure divisions of time. hold your own hand if vicinity & closeness is impeding. smash the prepared plates of flesh & roles they embossed you by birth. hold on to days. hold on to decayed flowers & patina of yesterdays. hold on whenever facades & worlds crumble and demons turn up out of seas in the disguise of deep skies. calm the upside-down and downside up mind. pale all of this past, hold tight, let go. walk in memories. no one will leave this room unloved.

all works are digital collages, available as fineartprints on vat paper (hahnemühle) in antique or vintage frames each sujet. this time i decided to go with an edition of 3.  the works are available via my webshop. if you prefer direct contact or if you have questions  write me a message.