grüss gott magazine garden of eden.

*for the grüss gott magazine spring 2021 of archdiocese linz i created a collage illustration for an article focusing on eva & adam in paradise, or let’s say a narration of phantastic creatures, forbidden fruits and silent snakes in the garden of eden. for the main couple i worked with the albrecht dürer painting & etching, adding details from other masterminds like brueghel, bosch, rubens & cranach. it was a joy to brighten up my palette with some vivid green & pink colour details. merci to raffael fritz, matti wulfes & the whole team for another wonderful commision.

head of creative | markus kietreiber
chief editor | raffael fritz
art direction | dominik uhl
photo editor | matti wulfes
article | grüss gott editorial department
collage artwork | nita.