terra mater jesus of nazareth.

for the 03/19 issue of wonderful terra mater magazine i was asked again to work on a collage artwork. this time the task was jesus of nazareth. a hard task as it’s more an imagination and myth of his face which differs from the place we grew up. i’m aware the collage is from a western european point of view, my aim was not to say look this is how jesus might have looked like –  i was provided with classic masterpieces showing jesus with many faces – this took me through an intense journey of art history – also leonardo da vincis salvador mundi with female attributes found place in the sujet. beside the dossier leading page i also created some outtake miniatures for the following pages. i’m still happy how the colors and details came out in the printed issue. a huge merci to the team of terra mater for another beautiful project. ♥︎

the collage contains
pantokrator 6th century st. catherine’s monastery, salvator mundi andrea previtali, salvador mundi leonardo da vinci, salvador mundi wenclas hollar after leonardo, jesus christ kontakion 1709, 3d rendering jesus, face of christ claude mellan, sindone di torino, easter mosaic jesus of nazareth, birth of native constructional drawing, duccio the temptation on the mount, de doornenkroning hajeka, cherubim & stigmata salvador maella, lamentation mount golgotha rembrandt, et cetera…

terra mater creative direction
head of creative | markus kietreiber
art direction | patrick schrack
article | raphael fritz