in most cases i start my free projects based on text, written on an explicit subject. this work can be understood as a poetic visual liaison in-between me and the beholder based on a quote out of the poem ‘a dream within a dream’ by e.a. poe (1849) ‘all that we see or seem – is but a dream within a dream. here are some still impressions and frames out of the main collage the 7′ animation was based on this work was part of the translation of complexity exhibition curated by my beloved sound:frame & improper walls in january 2019. for the exhibition i did an installation at the lovely venue ein affe in vienna’s 15th district (analog overhead & digital projection animation).

watch the 7′ animation here.
merci to simp for this beautiful soundscore. ♥

‘if you are cland i am estine – what is beyond & what inbetween? and shall we see or does it seem, you might appear in this dreams dream. a surface decomposes our mind, even or odd and never kind. built on patterns you might act. nor re no inter in this secluded pact. behold your framed truth & i repair mine. if i am cland you are estine  – i only know we know no thing.

concept & animation | nita.
music | benjamin skalet aka. simp
curated by | sound:frame x improper walls