g’schichtn aus’m wiener.

*i like seasons in vienna and i love what happened in early fall. so this is really ‘leiwand’. i am happy to join ‘g’schichtn aus’m wiener’ a project by sophia hagen & fabian belle fin together with photographer ina aydogan and other wonderful artists. in this beautiful ‘wiener lied’ album life stories of elderly people are packed into a mélange of songs, soulful, thoughtful and also humorous with ‘schmäh’.  i had the joy to create an artwork, working with a photography of sophias grandfather rudi. amongst other lovely typefindings & parts of inas photography i also worked with the beautiful typography wiener norm by rudolf horaczek.

♥︎ for rudi.

photography | ina aydogan
typography wiener norm | rudolf horaczek
music by  sophia hagen & fabian bachleitner
mixed and mastered by werner angerer
label | porzellan records
releasedate | 8th of september 2020