the seven mortal sins.

*for the grüss gott magazine spring 2022 issue i was asked to look into the subject of the famous seven sins. the editors came up with some wonderful ideas of how this human abysses could be translated into now. it was a pleasure to work on the details & to include some of my beloved artists artwork – naming at least hieronymos bosch and brueghel. a pleasure to handle the subject without being dead serious in every fragment & metaphor. so if you spot some selfies of a snake, a luxurious pimp armadillo or a dreamy godward lady checking upon jesus profile on a dating platform, you know that there is a place for humor even when it comes upon serious matters. and if it is just not your type of humor, you can curse me but i will not open pandoras inbox to receive your anger in this rise of the digital age. i guess there is no human with no lower instinct, or at some point loosing control fighting the own devils & finding the right measure how to handle the gift of live. sadly there is no way to recognize love without the existence of hate and so much hate going on all the time, we tend to forget about being kind & grateful. the reality we create is highly defined about what our mind is able to recognize, and more important how we interact. truth is within us, reality is our made up pattern. i am very thankful for the liberal minded commission of grüss gott magazine & the archdiocese linz. ♥︎

nº1. superbia/hochmut.
nº2. habgier/avaritia.
nº3. wollust/luxuria.
nº4. zorn/ira.
nº5. völlerei/gula.
nº6. neid/invidia.
nº7. faulheit/acedia.

head of creative | markus kietreiber
chief editor | raffael fritz
art direction | dominik uhl
photo editor | matti wulfes
article | grüss gott editorial department
collage artwork | nita.