grüss gott magazine desert.

*for the grüss gott magazine spring 2024 of archdiocese linz i created a collage illustration focusing on the question, how jesus survived 40 days in the desert. an antagony of jejuneness & circulation. for the article the editiorial team asked a theologist, a cardiologist & a ‘marathonophil’ priest about their expertise. the issue treats the temptations of jesus. (mt.4.1 – 4.11) the devil tried to seduce & indice jesus with several proposals. i loved to be in contention with this subject. the result is a potpourri, a circular flow & a contemplation combining & building an bainful desert landscape which is still full of life. this survival flame is within the main figure jesus. the key element shows the devil offering stones to jesus (etching of peter paul rubens portrayal dated 1620). you can also find painting fragments of james tissot, vasily ivanovich surikov. furthermore there are anatomic details of blood flow & circulation, time, cardioplegia, as well as desert fauna & flora & typographic hints & details, signs, water, vivid & organic addons from Ɐ to Ω.

i need to point out, that i love to work on this kind of projects, as i can dive into subjects, build worlds. it is like reviving the gone & forgotten in the now. thankful for this beautiful project. again a huge merci to silvia druml-shams, matti wulfes, raffael fritz & the whole team for a wonderful project & your reliance. ‘in details i trust™.’ ♥︎

head of creative | markus kietreiber
chief editor | raffael fritz
art direction | silvia druml-shams
photo editor | matti wulfes
article | grüss gott editorial department
collage artwork | nita.