dj raph ikondera.

happy to share this new musicvideo for dj raph. the track ikondera was produced by raphael kariuki as part of the mashup the archive residency program. mashup the archive is a project of iwalewahaus, university of bayreuth and was funded by kulturstiftung des bundes international museum fellowship program. it was curated by sam hopkins and nadine siegert. original recording: ikondera (song of bride’s friends) used on this song is part of the UNESCO world heritage with friendly support of klassik center, kassel.

music by dj raph
label noland records

directed by nita.
camera & edit by simp
dancer | jane jay
makeup artist | anika zanon
fitting & muse | soia
headpiece & wearables | nita.
visuals & projections | nita.

♥︎ merci to iwalewahaus, noland records and all contributing mashup the archive artists.