duzzdownsan blockparty flyer n°1.

*i had the joy to play on the artwork for the first duzzdownsan blockparty in 2024. beside a teaser animation i realized the flyer, kind of reminds me on the first duzzdownsan events who started over one decade ago. for the artwork i tried to metamorphose the spring season outdoor gathering with a wink. and well it went out of control & faded into a fun square culmination. well rodents & gnawers & flowers. oh and butterflies & bees & humming bird hawk moths. a floral fauna soundsystem. stay connected for the upcoming duzzdownsan events. #diegangbleibtweiterbusy,

‘in flora&fauna i trust.™’ ♥︎ thanks to the dds family for a kind kind of a revival for me.
music | (c) philanthrope/plusma, track lament from the album. waking dreams 2.