cocon&ciel is a series released end of may 2017 during the rebel against skin cancer exhibition. alongside a variety of wonderful artists i was asked to join the project. rebel against skin cancer i initiated by spot the dot and curated by improper walls gallery. spot the dot is a foundation who’s aim is to raise awareness of melanoma and other types of skin cancer. i created cocon&ciel with exclusive limited edition prints each 1/1. if you want to support this wonderful project please visit their website for more information.

about cocon & ciel.
looking through the window absorbed in thoughts i draw imaginary lines inbetween all the dots & stigmas my cocon & shelter skin is covered with. lost in that moment i discover a galaxy full with stellar constellations like camelopardalis & the sunmilky way. it’s me flying on a lemon yellow shell parakeet searching for new subuniverses. in silent rebellion i protect my eggshell skin from sunrays, as i lost my trust in mellow clouds obstructing my view. squeezed out like the ocean, covered in fern – aware & awake. one second, two sights. everything might change, universes may fall. – about dots and figures –