the real show 2020.

voilá. & yes it took me ages. not perfect, but a release. i am sailing my studioship on this ocean of creation since 7 years. this is my new showreel aka. the real show containing a selection of works from 2020. while releasing this one, the 2021 version is in a storm within my brain. every year comes with an once in a rose & velvet moon retrospective. this one i would call through the ages. it is dedicated to old souls ancestors and the golden twenties. 2020 was not that golden, i guess i got the lesson. this twelvemonth felt surreal and i had hard times not following the rabbit in the shadows of the golden burrow. merci to everyone who kept up nostalgia by writing me love & lovely letters during this significant year. i fixed my boat, healed and took a rest and now i set my sails, the compass rose is in bloom. i am ready for storms & new adventures. yes it is still a showcase & showcasing, but i am not into that superficial wave. my heart core delight is still funambulation, stitching & engaging shadows & niches. like ever since – if this is to pathetic for you, if you don’t have time, or maybe you are just not into details – please skip. love to everyone who stayed by my side. so this is my opportunity to give some credits. merci beaucoup to fabian for filming, simp for equipment & loyalty. the golden A. for apocalyptic night walks, daisies, black teas & straight forward words, my new wave of silence is my joy of division. soia for showing me that what you release will come back once in a while. a special merci goes out to petzi, christl, stefanie & ruth for soul & insights, my family for reinviting the shy fox in the cozy sheep shelter, señor mosch for wisdom & being such a beautiful mind. love to the duzzdownsan family. manuela krause for lore & writing wonderful postcards & letters. a bouquet of beautiful flowers to sound:frame, improper walls & iakw. in flowers i trust™.

‘there is no beauty without some strangeness.’
in memoriam edgar allen poe.

the real show 2020.
camera outdoor | fabian wallnöfer
camera indoor | nita.
beats | ‘abyss’ simp & nita released on duzzdownsan.
concept & edit | nita.
shot in vienna | the house i live in | lovely strudlhofstiege in 9th district.
feel free to watch: the real show 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019

category illustration & collage.

pavot & poppy.
new interpretation of paul celans words
‘wir lieben einander wie mohn und gedächtnis’
open call ‘corona bedingt’ of iAKW

anodisé & cachette.
released in july during ‘no one told me about’ exhibition
initiated by improper walls gallery & the made of millions

client add&pass mail art project.
analogue collage for add&pass mail art project
initiated by lovely papiergedanken

category design.

studio postcard & sticker.
layout & design | nita.

client bergwelten.
6 page series lead & follow up pages
head of creative | markus kietreiber
art direction | silvia druml
photo editor | elisabeth prattes
article | andreas lesti
artwork | nita.

client grüss gott magazine diözese linz.
christi himmelfahrt, das jüngste gericht, garten eden article collages
head of creative | markus kietreiber
chief editor | raffael fritz
art direction | dominik uhl
article | grüss gott editorial department
artwork | nita.

client zuckerlwerkstatt.
adventkalender, fruchtgelees, valentine & easter
corporate design | dvorak trifft schwab
artwork & layout | nita.

client meduni graz.
styleboards meduni graz
layout & design | nita.
commissioned by

portified wine bottle | stationary | single artworks
artwork & layout | nita.
corporate design by herian trading gmbh

client hartlauer.
apprentice campaign
layout & design | nita.
commissioned & not published by movea marketing gmbh & co kg

category artworks.

client this charming man records.
valsinestra | zerlegung
album artwork, release vinyl, cd & merchandise
label | this charming man records.

client porzellan records.
sophia hagen x fabian bachleitner | g’schichtn aus’m wiener
ep artwork release cd & booklet.
photography | ina aydogan
typography wiener norm | rudolf horaczek
music by  sophia hagen & fabian bachleitner
mixed and mastered by werner angerer
label | porzellan records

client duzzdownsan.
duzzdownsan | 2020 compilation, polifame | tukan ep
ep artwork release digital
label |

client the message.
polifame / the message exclusives 2010 – 2020
ep artwork release digital
label / the message magazine

client echo beach.
c jones meets ale x. | kalimba is my telephone
album artwork, release vinyl & cd limited edition
label | echo beach

category animation & musicvideo.

client österreich werbung.
la visita de velázquez animations museum of arts vienna
commissioned by filmspektakel
lead agency & concept | filmspektakel
artwork & animation | nita.

client zuckerlwerkstatt.
thank you austria animation tv spot
agency | dvorak trifft schwab (zuckerlwerkstatt corporate design)
sounddesign | benjamin skalet & nita.
artwork & animation | nita.

client cetusBaudevelopment gmbH.
hoho image film separators
agency | west4media
commissioned by west4media
concept, styleboards & animation | nita.
3d renderings & architecture stills | RLP,  office le nomade, A3ZO, cetusBaudevelopment & cy architecture

client red bull media house.
styleboards & animatic the red bulletin
layout & design | nita.
commissioned (not published) by

client mary ann kiefer core.
10 sec. animation musicvideo fuserrr
artwork & animation | nita.

nora mazu volatil.
concept | nora mazu, gersin livia paya, nita.
camera | fabian wallnöfer
edit | nita.
makeup artist | andrea laub
light & good mood operator | ra-b
headpiece | nita.
visuals & projections | nita.
directed by nita.

i hope everyone is on the list, if not please let me know.
in collaborations i trust.