sous-sol. 7minded.

what is beyond & what inbetween? turn the lights on and i will tell you my story. what you capture is not what it is. among shades you find the narrative. where do you hide? in the adorned obscurity of my 7minds she answers – a place where freedom & liberty grows unseen in the dark – repressed by the illusiveness of the surface. my happiness is like trapped birds in an inverted sea. i can see them flying in the sky from above.

in september 2017 i was invited to join the open art gallery exhibition during loftas fest 2017 in vilnius lithuania. the project was curated by my beloved improper walls gallery. i had a joy to do this mixed media light installation down in loftas cellar using 3 overhead projectors. beside the projection i did some additions on the walls, ceiling & floor. wonderful monsieur simp created the wonderful sound score for the room. special merci to the improper girls & all the other artists.

curated by improper walls.
photos by simp.