nita. is a multidisciplinary artist based in vienna focusing on collage, illustration, artworks, animation & visuals. 
the work ethic is based on a mélange of timeless sustainability, quality and passion for detail. in the rare case that you’re looking for a heartless output machine – well i’m not part of that superselling tide. i am into emotional intelligence, not the artificial one. the visual style can be understood as constant interplay between daydream & night watch, surface & depth of flotation. a visual funambulation among kitsch & melancholia – trying to hijack the visitor into a surreal forrest, where animals mutate & forgotten ancestors reveal on leaves. i love to dive into subjects & solve tricky approaches. i’m not multidisciplinary because i think i’m good at everything. i love collaborations.

nita. studio für visuelle gestaltung.
established in january 2014 by anita brunnauer.
since february 2024 artist independent.

my aim is to design on diverse surfaces without being superficial.
in flowers i trust.™

what i do.
art direction, design, concepts & styleboards, collage & mixed media illustration, animation, apparel, musicartworks, musicvideos, installation, live visuals (sound:frame av label).

selection references.
ars electronica, ausnahmetalent, bergwelten magazine, caritas, die zuckerlwerkstatt, dm austria, duzz down san records, electronic:partner, focus magazine, fuxengut, greenshirts, hoho wien, iwalewahaus, improper walls gallery, noland records, orf, oper im steinbruch, option 2.o., porsche informatik, raven and finch, red bull, sound:frame, teekanne, terra mater magazine.

made & born in upper austria.
studied multimediaart at the university of applied sciences in salzburg.
founded the visual collective elektro hermann together with birgit palma.
elektro hermann & nita. are part of the sound:frame av label.
was interning at the lovely designstudio nitrocorpz™  in brasil.
participated in the sagmeister workshop “is it possible to touch someones heart with design”.
worked for red bull media house doing motiondesign, styleboards & artdirection for servus tv & red bull tv.
proud & silent graphic ghost of duzz down san records.
joined the ladies, wine & a bit of design initiative by jessica walsh.
member of designaustria.

for more information don’t hesitate to say salut to me.

photography (c) ina aydogan.