ten years.

*ahoj & salut. 10 years. this is an anniversary. a retrospective through a rose tinted looking glass, in nostalgia, in a delightful polka dotted & checked pattern kind of view. by the same token it is also time to admit without gaussian blur, in serenity – my course and my visual direction, in the niche, has not been always the easy flow through an ocean of possibilities. there were floral lights and heavy lessons. my direction is skipping the rope, in antagonism, in constant interplay between daydream & night watch, surface & depth of flotation. a visual funambulation among kitch & melancholia – trying to hijack you into a surreal forrest, where animals mutate & forgotten ancestors reveal on leaves. i am proud that me the captain is still standing. despite all kind words – selfconfidence from females is still not cherished and implemented in the mainstream mindset. i will not knit treason on my treasure, a coat of phantasy, romance & a believe which is far beyond backstabbing what backs me up. there is no path without failure. thanks to all loved ones, family, friends, & of course a huge merci to all the clients for their trust in me. you are my harbours, islands, destinations…

i am open to projects & collaborations.
i am here and i still deeply love to design beyond all ghosts of this time.
i am thankful for everything so far.

now as ever in flowers i trust™. ♥︎
in memoriam to my grandmother who passed away 2014 – the year when i established nita. studio für visuelle gestaltung.

portrait photography | ina aydogan
beat | ‘mette henriette’ by mosch