improper walls gallery.

about lir.
constant interplay between daydream & night watch, surface & depth of flotation. lost in reverie is a visual funambulation among kitch & melancholia – trying to hijack the visitor into a surreal forrest, where creatures mutate & forgotten ancestors reveal on leaves.

from 25th of june to 23th of july 2014 i had the honor to do an solo exhibition at the fresh opened improper walls gallery in vienna. the exhibition contained works from 2013 – 2014 out of the lost in reverie series. beside showing prints, apparel & decks, i projected dried flowers, a ginko leaf, feathers, stones & shells on the ceiling using an old overhead projector. some of my works are still available at the gallery, if you’re in vienna don’t hesitate to pass by at this lovely place.

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photography exhibition impressions | © ulrich frey
merci beaucoup jeremiah,  improper walls, monsieur simp, my muse soia ♥