zuckerlwerkstatt fruchtgelees.

*another sweet journey began in 2020, a series of 5 packaging designs with different playgrounds for zuckerlwerkstatts new collection of jelly sweets. as the clients aim was to have unique and diverse worlds for each candy series, from herbs, fruits, drinks, hot & spicy to christmas i had fun to go a bit crazy and play with a range of styles. so there is the flying rabbit in a chili universe, the bluebird captain in a garden while an apple headed dragonfly passing by, classic vintage botanical flora & fauna, headless rocking horse and sleigh kids and an lonesome lady meeting blue elefants in a bar with cherrys on top. i’m very much into creating playgrounds for this unique candy manufactury. feels a bit like in wonderland. they are passionate about what they do and they put so much love and knowledge in their work. thanks to the lovely team of zuckerlwerkstatt for their trust. ♥︎

client | die zuckerlwerkstatt
corporate design | dvorak trifft schwab
artwork | nita.
year | 2020

photography packaging with candy on white background (c) zuckerlwerkstatt.