the golden cage is over.

trapped & stucked in a golden cage. enigmatic figures & morbid breaking out scenarios. among peacocks & parrots. subtle & oblique you’ll find freedom. the golden cage is over, but it remains in scarfs.

artworks & additional overhead installation. curated by sound:frame during modepalast brandnew expo künstlerhaus vienna.
8th – 10th of may 2015.
selected works at ‘there are no kangaroos in austria’ exhibition at casa nueve/mexico.
11th of july 2015.
selected works at improper walls 2 year anniversary/vienna.
20th of april 2016.
selected works at (im)proper illustration international art show VDA Telšių galerija/lithuania.
13th – 15th of july 2016.

all works are digital collages, available as fineartprints on vat paper (hahnemühle) in antique or vintage frames in a limited edition of 5 each sujet (except cage/sound:frame limited edition of 1). for prices & details write me a message.