duzzdownsan compilation 2020.

*the golden 2020ties & another dds release. i‘m happy to be the silent ghost part for about 12 years now. in september 2020 my home & shelter label duzz down san dropped this new compilation on digital platforms. based on the X compilation i redefined the style and went back to what i am really up to. so the golden twenties & art nouveaux is the base for this digital collage composition. you can listen to the compilation here.

this is what duzz down san is all about.

the independent label duzz down san, was founded in 2008. our music knows no genres. our trademark is a signature expression of music, situated somewhere between dope instrumentals and experimental rap with an avantgardist touch. our artists don’t have the same sound in common, moreover, they have the realness and sincerity to their music in common – each and every one. we don’t cater to the needs of markets and inconstant economies. our goal is to provide a functioning platform for our artists in order to support them at what they do best.

released 4th of september 2020
artists diverse
label duzz down san