the god formula.

*for the grüss gott magazine fall 2022 issue i was asked to dive deep into the subject of the god formula. i am always into projects which broaden my horizon – for me the research phase of these projects is an adventure & journey into new playgrounds. for the lead article i created a collage showing famous heads & masterminds who tried to solve the riddle of the god formula. aquin, pythagoras, newton, descartes, gödel, pascale all these famous philosophers & mathematicians searched for answers. numerology & kabbalistics, geometry, arithmetic, logic, gravitation, science, believe, alchemy, astronomie & astrology – the whole search for answers opens a magic ocean of possibilities & explanatory models. maybe the answer has to be found in the golden ratio, a ratio where rational meets irrational. the follow up collage is an more abstract approach where gravitation dissolves, and geometry & formulas. beside the task to spotlight the single personalities, it was a pleasure to work on the details and also the less complex portrait miniatures. i love to get lost in projects, while working on the collages i was really triggered by gödels exists exists not. maybe the key is found in the existence of nothing, as nothing is something. i am very thankful for the opportunity & commission of grüss gott magazine & the archdiocese linz. ♥︎

head of creative | markus kietreiber
chief editor | raffael fritz
art direction | silvia druml-shams
photo editor | matti wulfes
article | grüss gott editorial department
collage artwork | nita.