the real show 2017.

…it took me a while. voilá this is my new showreel aka. the real show. – containing a selection of works from 2017. if you want to get a more or less quick impression of what i do – feel free to watch it and take your time. i love to work in teams, some of the projects shown are collabs. for details see credits listed below. i tried to fit the projects in the right categorys, but somehow ‘everything is everything’ merci beaucoup to lovely benjamin skalet aka. monsieur simp for filming, editing & your beautiful mind. merci also to wonderful shawn the savage kid for the beautiful beat created during his residency at iwalewahaus bayreuth (beats aus dem archiv) and of course everyone else who supported and guided me. a special merci goes out to my beloved muse soia, my longtime shelter sound:frame – eva fischer you are one of a kind, mosch & the duzzdownsan family, the hotel lobby gang & the wonderful ladies from improper walls gallery. in flowers i trust™.

the real show 2017.
camera, edit & concept | simp
beat | stsk / odibè produced at iwalewahaus beats aus dem archiv (2016)
concept | simp & nita.
filmed in barcelona & vienna.
feel free to watch: the real show 2014 | 2015 | 2016

category illustration & collage.

curated by improper walls gallery
released during the freewheelin’ group show exhibition

curated by improper walls gallery & initiated by spot the dot
released during the rebel against skin cancer group show exhibition

the fragmented tales.
free project during pks wintercamp
merci beaucoup to anna schauberger aka. the unused word for being a wonderful host, trust & insights.

category artworks.

state of gmeind.
music | von seiten der gemeinde
label | duzzdownsan
plates | hannah philomena scheiber
photography | julian raggl
collage artwork & vinyl design | nita.

und die erde ist doch eine scheibe.
a performance project in collaboration with kollektiv kunststoff
keyvisualartwork | nita.

category design.

client dm.
25 years dm in czech republic | anniversary issue
commissioned by movea marketing gmbh & co kg
illustrations | nita.

client teekanne.
commissioned by dirnberger de felice grüber
collage artwork for willi dungl print advertising | nita.

posterartwork & dvd design for a film from sophie avercamp

birgit winterauer physiotherapy.
corporate design & keyvisuals artworks

anika zanon makeup artist.
corporate design & keyvisuals artworks

category animation & musicvideo.

client porsche informatik.
imagefilm commissioned by salic agentur für marke und werbung
concept & idea | salic agentur für marke und werbung.
sounddesign | raven and finch.
3D animations | ludwig tomaschko aka. radiometric.
styleboards & animation | nita.

client oper im steinbruch.
rigoletto opera visuals.
commissioned by mediaapparat
creative direction | jean-marc nigon
director | philippe arlaud
3D animations | mediaapparat.
maison gilda styleboards & 2D animations | nita.

client red bull media house.
© servus tv | red bull media house.

servus tv heimatleuchten.
tv package
concept, styleboards & animations | nita.
edit | simp.

servus tv abenteuer österreich
tv package
concept, styleboards & animations | nita.
edit | simp.

5/8 in ehren sterne essen kapitäne.
music | 5/8 in ehren
label | viennese soulfood records
idea & concept | 5/8 in ehren & nita.
camera & edit | simp
animations | radiometric, simp, nita.
styleboards | nita.

deqn sue piñata.
music | deqn sue
label | the pink donut shop.
styleboards | nita.
animation | nita. & simp
stop motion camera | simp
edit | simp
original video footage shot by | daniel beard & kelvin wooten
mariachi band | los tres amigos
make up artist | sylvia smith

neuschnee der zeitgeist macht buh.
directed by nita. studio für visuelle gestaltung.
music | neuschnee
label | problembär records
concept & idea | hans wagner, simp & nita.
camera & edit | simp
outfits & mask | nita.

nora mazu tennis im kopf.
directed by nita. studio für visuelle gestaltung.
beat | ja:kova
support | kayo
make up artist | anika zanon
concept & idea | nora mazu, simp & nita.
camera & edit | simp.

soia x julian preuschl x simp x melik play dead.
directed by nita. studio für visuelle gestaltung.
voice & lyrics | soia
trumpet | julian preuschl
beat | simp & melik
video | nita. & simp
sample | schmieds puls
head wearable & requisite | nita.

category masks & wearables.

handmade headpiece & wearables for a musicvideo for dj raph.
model & dancer | jane jay.
makeup artist | anika zanon
outfits & muse | soia.
design & realization | nita.

night berry, abysal shelter & fallen sea.
handmade mask & wearables for a conceptual photo shooting
photographer | sasa felsbach
models | jan {wienermodels}, jillian (stellamodels)
design & realization | nita.

category exhibition.

sous-sol. 7minded.
mixed media light installation with overhead projection
released during loftas fest 2017.
curated by improper walls gallery
audio | simp.
concept & realization | nita.

mashup the archive.
interview with lovely alexandra kunke about my mashup the archive artist residency at iwalewahaus bayreuth.
design | iwalewahaus

street art guide vienna.
publication of my mural curated by improper walls gallery at reindorfgasse by lovely street art guide vienna
design | street art guide vienna

sound:frame liée.
handmade objects & teaser released during the sound:frame relaunch at lovely brut.
music | mosch
camera & edit | simp.
concept & realization | nita.
sound:frame corporate design | 100und1