the real show 2016.

…this is my real show, containing works from 2016. if you want to get a more or less quick impression of my work feel free to watch it and take your time. i love to work in teams, some of the projects shown are collabs. for details see credits listed below. merci beaucoup to lovely benjamin skalet aka. monsieur simp for filming, editing and the wonderful shawn the savage kid for the beautiful beat created during his residency at iwalewahaus bayreuth (beats aus dem archiv) and of course everyone else who supported and guided me. a special merci goes out to my muse soia, my longtime shelter sound:frame, the duzzdownsan family and the wonderful ladies from improper walls gallery. in flowers i trust™.

the real show 2016.
camera, edit & concept | simp
beat | stsk  /vw produced at iwalewahaus beats aus dem archiv (2016)
concept & additional edit | nita.
feel free to watch the real show 2014 & the real show 2015.

category illustration & collage.

curated by improper walls gallery
released during the freewheelin’ group show exhibition

client dm austria.
40 jahre dm in österreich jubiläumsbroschüre
commissioned by movea marketing gmbh & co kg
illustrations | nita.

free collage artwork project.

category design.

client fuxengut.
logo, corporate design & website layout | nita.
programming | digiconcept

when you gotta go you gotta go.
a performance project in collaboration with peter left the room
flyer design & concept | nita.

fall postcard set.
collage artwork postcards.

client ausnahmetalent.
collage artwork t-shirt design | nita.
logo | ausnahmetalent

client red bull media house.
© red bull media house
linkedin banner for red bull media house & servus tv
collage artworks | nita.

client flotte lotte.
logo, keyvisual illustration & packaging labels | nita.

category masks & wearables.

fly berry & fallen sea.
handmade masks & wearables for a conceptual photo shooting
design & realization | nita.
photographer | sasa felsbach

move to mercury mask.
handmade mask for a video shooting.
mask design & realization | nita.

category musicvideo.

☿aishae move to mercury.
directed by nita. studio für visuelle gestaltung.
music | aishae
concept | aishae & nita.
camera & edit | simp
cam II & focus puller | ludwig tomaschko and fabian wallnoefer
hair & makeup artist | kristian kovarovits
statues | bernd kerschner, juju pfeiffer, julian preuschl, martin strobl, mina mladenov, nora strausz, willi binder.
dancer | cat jimenez
pyrite girl | katharina sonnleitner
gazelle hat & outfits | alwa petroni, ROEE
feather mask | nita. studio für visuelle gestaltung.
3D printed pyrite masks | ludwig tomaschko

dubblestandart dubrealistic.
directed by nita. studio für visuelle gestaltung.
music | dubblestandart dub realistic
label | echo beach
concept & setting | nita.
camera | simp & fabian wallnoefer
light | felix tappeiner
make up artist | anika zanon
cast | hannes lewinski & mia patek

soia H.I.O.P.
directed by nita. studio für visuelle gestaltung.
music | soia produced by mez
label | recordbreakin
concept & direction | nita.
filmed & edited by simp
makeup artist | anika zanon
dresses by LILA

category artworks.

collage artwork cd design | nita.
music | soia produced by mez
label | recordbreakin

the stories of the flying lap dog on rhodes island.
cyanotopies | oliver deutsch
collage artwork & vinyl design | nita.
music | pdf and the acrobats
label | duzzdownsan

seven the center.
collage artwork | nita.
music | mosch
label | duzzdownsan

category animation.

client raven & finch.
concept, artworks & animation | nita.
concept & sound design | raven and finch
corporate design | riebenbauer design

cryptic in layers.
free alphabet project & stop motion animation
letter s | collaboration with wonderful jasmin jaff

soia H.I.O.P.
analog & digital animations | nita.
camera & edit | simp

when you gotta go.
titles, key visual artwork & animation | nita.

category interior.

interior collage artworks & mural | nita.

client marks.
interior collage series & wall artwork | nita.