move to mercury exhibition.

‘if there is just one way up there
i will join the endless ride
fulfill an endless story and move to mercury…’ 

what if a musicvideo is transferred to an exhibition – reduced in black and white, obsessed by the idea to bring different disciplines together. the exhibition move to mercury is a contemplative mixup between music, dance, photography, video, and mask art. an enchanted galactic universe around an afield night-blooming cereus surrounded by arising statues. on the endless ride you’ll meet zenith building sorceresses, masked hidden faces, the pyrite girl and the hermean dancer. the track move to mercury has been originally released on aishae’s debut album starchild. for the musicvideo it has been remixed and new interpreted in collaboration with live instrumentalists building an electronic outofspace jazz orchester.

we had a wonderful time at the improper walls gallery vienna. monsieur simp filmed a little insight in our exhibition from 28th november 2016. merci to everyone who joined the endless ride. special merci to ale zapata & the improper walls girls for curation, help & great ideas.

music by aishae
harp | zsuzsanna aba-nagy
camera & edit | simp
set photography | dániel antalfi
gazelle hat & outfit | alwa petroni
feather mask | nita. studio für visuelle gestaltung.
3D printed pyrite masks | ludwig tomaschko