flotte lotte redesign.

*while starting my studioship in 2014 i created some product labels for flotte lotte an initiative which is based in waldviertel a region in lower austria. back then as pioneers in this section they decided to save food from being thrown away and created boiled down goodies like soups & jam, juice and further more. their products are available in regional small shops with a focus on sustainable and fair supplies. i loved their idea and i am happy that their concept got prosperous. in 2021 they asked me again to do the redesign, as the company changed, they also wanted me to do some minor changes regarding the overall corporate design including the keyvisual artwork. i wanted to stay with the friendly and nearby look & feel. sometimes it just needs a friendly smile to save a day and for sure it needs kind humankind who take the effort to grow projects like this. we are in response of nature – i love to work on meaningful projects. so merci to elisabeth, daniel & the whole zwettl team for this commission.

client | flotte lotte gmbh
redesign keysujet & logo & labels 2021
corporate design | nita.
artwork | nita.