educult work::sounds.

*in 2022 i was asked to create some visual remixes for the ‘work::sounds’ project of educult in cooperation with ak wien. educult is an organisation focusing on research, science, culture & education. for the workshop series they collaborated with schools offering insights into companies, to give the students a glimpse of the broad variety of work fields companies have to offer. the participating classes created audio & visual footage. i was provided with photography & videos as a basis for my visual clips – happy to finally use my vj software again, as in 2022 the pandemics where still going on, and there where lets say nearly no possibilities to play live vj sets. as the provided footage was very diverse, i created an mono look with color overlays, my kind to tint everything in a simple visual mood. i also created some playful collage type for the title. for the basic type i used the educult corporate typography. i decided to upload all recorded clips in one sequence full length. thanks to educult & ines kolleritsch who was responsible for the sound design. thanks to all participating classes for the beautiful material & trust. ♥︎

client | educult & ak wien
’work::sounds – klangbilder der arbeitswelt’ visual remixes
commissioned by educult
lead, concept & realisation | educult
sound design & auditive lead | ines kolleritsch.
base footage | htl & hak ungargasse | pms fms wien | g11 geringergasse | htl wien 10 | htl wien west
visuals & design | nita.