ecowing paul lendvai.

*end of 2021 i was asked to work on the cover for paul lendvais publication ‘vielgeprüftes österreich’. the process took a while. i already worked on several designs & cover proposals for the publishing company before. in the main cases my designs where to phantastic, detailed or progressive. for this publication i took another trial. now i have the experience that it does not make sense if i try to design minimal or to hold back. in the main case i get commissions because people appreciate what i do as core competence. i am the collage one, the one who gets lost in details, who is into stories hidden in stories, into nature, science, mystic, old and timeless designs. i am very happy that there are clients who appreciate this. i am sure other designer are able to fullfill minimal, conservative in an more elaborated manner and i appreciate every designer who can do classy reduced with an effect. after a bigger bunch of years in the design business, i know that i can not take commissions who want something far away from my heart language when it comes to visualization. i want to reach people and i can only touch if it is done by and with soul & heart. i guess in the final outcome you will always feel if something wants to be something or if it is something for real. in this section i am also showing you some of the draft proposal mockups – to give an insight in the process. the final result is a very laid back, silent, classic outcome. working with lendvais face as keyvisual was part of the briefing, classy typeface and a serious color coding as well. thanks to benevento publishing for an important lesson in my agenda. sometimes i need to try again to verify my values, and sometimes failure is part of the game.

client |  benevento publishing
paul lendvai | vielgeprüftes österreich
photography | (c) florian rainer
corporate design | (c) ecowing
cover design | nita.